The Ideal Ways You Can Encourage Your Child To Learn A Musical Instrument

We want to encourage our children to try as much as they can during their childhood years and hobbies are a great way to allow them to learn something new and even some vital life skills. Music is one of the most popular hobbies that a child can become interested […]

My Suggestions For Surviving Homeschool While On Lockdown

Right now we are in unprecedented times with the current global pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 and for a lot of us this means staying at home to stay safe and well. But what it also means is that we are uncharted territory of homeschool, and many of us are finding […]

Beat The Boredom Of The School Holidays With These Fantastic Ideas

Many of us parents Dread the school holidays. Some parents embrace it and are super organised when it comes to activities and events. Other parents can feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of hours they need to fill to stimulate or occupy their children each day. Whichever mum you […]

Money Making Ideas That Will Work Around The School Run

Many mums like the idea of working for themselves, but most love the flexibility it can offer instead of working to an employers deadline and hours. It isn’t easy to head out to work full time, and I think many of us do it out of necessity instead of passion […]

Creating The Perfect Children’s Party: What You Need To Think About

In this post, we’ll show you the basics of coming up with a theme, and planning the entertainment. We’ll talk about food, and the all-important cake. We’ll run through timings, the guest-list, and goody bags. So, if you’re little one has a birthday coming up, keep reading, and learn our […]

Helping Your Children Make Healthier Food Choices

Obesity is becoming a real problem amongst Americans today. With over 300,000 dying from obesity each year. It’s a scary prospect for any mom. We all do our best to encourage healthy habits. But these days we live in a world of convenience. We seem to be moving away from […]