Many of us parents Dread the school holidays. Some parents embrace it and are super organised when it comes to activities and events. Other parents can feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of hours they need to fill to stimulate or occupy their children each day. Whichever mum you happen to be, we could all do with a little revamp of inspiration or even some fresh ideas to consider. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the fun ways to beat the school holiday boredom. 

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Plan activities within the home

There are many waking hours to fill, and not all of them can be spent outside, especially when the rain comes and goes as it has been doing. So make sure you plan some inside activities to keep the children occupied. One of my favourite websites Pinterest has an array of ideas. But you could keep things really simple like painting, getting the play doh out or just drawing simple pictures with pens and crayons. Children love being creative and will thrive on this one to one time with you. 

Go out on days out 

If you can, try and plan a few days out to avoid getting cabin fever at home. Look online for local events or travel to new places for the day. Things like the your local park, heading to a fun-filled theme park or local farm could be just what the doctor ordered for quality time with the family. 

Meet up with friends for playdates

There is nothing quite like meeting up with your mum friends and letting the children tire each other out while you have some grown up conversation. The summer holidays can be quite lonely for a mum. Playdates are essential to keeping you sane while allowing your children to socialise with others. It could be a simple park visit or a local soft play. 

Become a tourist in your own town or village

Who else says that they haven’t explored their local town, village or city? Many of us haven’t taken advantage of tourist attractions in our local areas, and these can be a huge amount of fun. It is definitely worth laying tourist locally for a change instead of always traveling to other destinations. 

Have a movie marathon

On rainy afternoons nothing can quite beat the relaxing calm of sticking on a good Disney or animated film and relaxing with some snacks and hot chocolate. Even if it is supposed to be warm outside, films are a great way to capture some calm for ninety minutes. 

Build a den inside or outside

Finally, encourage your children to be creative and build a den. They could do this inside if the weather isn’t so great, or in the garden, if you have the space. Half the fun in den building is the actual making part, the rest is then spent enjoying your creativity and play. It can certainly keep children occupied for a while, and often doesn’t require too much adult intervention. Time for a cup of tea. 

I hope this has offered some inspiration for your summer holiday activities. 

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