In this post, we’ll show you the basics of coming up with a theme, and planning the entertainment. We’ll talk about food, and the all-important cake. We’ll run through timings, the guest-list, and goody bags. So, if you’re little one has a birthday coming up, keep reading, and learn our simple tricks. Let’s dive straight in, shall we?

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The theme – It’s always good to have a theme. It immediately gives the party structure and a personality. It’s also great for the kids as they’re much more likely to remember it, and cherish the day. They love doing something different (and it’s fun for the adults too, who are we kidding?) Having said that, it’s not always easy coming up with ideas! You could choose a pirate party, a princess party, or a spaceship theme. But, if in doubt, always choose a Disney film, and use that as the basis for everything. 

Fancy dress? – If you are sticking with a theme, decide if you’re going to do fancy-dress early. If you are, the other mums and dads will want plenty of time to plan the outfit, and get it ready. We love fancy-dress parties. It’s always fun to see all the kids dressed up, and they have so much fun. It’s a great way to fully embrace the theme, and make a full day of it. The children get to pick their favourite disney character or dress up as a cowboy for the day. Let their imagination run wild, and enjoy every second of it. 

The guest list – When it comes to the guest list, things can get a little tricky. In our experience, it’s best to limit the numbers somewhat. Otherwise, your house risks becoming overwhelmed. Keep it to your children’s close friends, and a few family friends. Don’t forget, you might also have to make room for some of the parents, and cater for them too. We’ve found our house quickly getting very crowded indeed! Stick to their close friends. 

Entertainment – Getting the entertainment right is a tricky business. Over the years, we’ve tried everything from bouncy castles to clowns to magicians. They always go down well, and it’s a great idea to have something to keep the kids occupied. Again, you can get quite creative here. If you’ve got a talented friend, invite them over! Anyone that can play the guitar, tell jokes, or do magic tricks is always welcome. If you want to go out with a bang, then fireworks are a great option. Just make sure you keep all the entertainment safe, and keep an eye on the kids. 

Timings – When it comes to birthday parties, two or three hours is more than enough time. It’s the perfect amount of time for the kids to enjoy themselves, without getting too bored. You’ll get a few games in, some entertainment, and time for food. At the same time, you won’t disrupt the parent’s whole day! If you like, you can make it a free-flow affair, with people coming and going during the course of the afternoon. Give yourself plenty of time to clear up, and you can enjoy the rest of the day with your little one. 

Phew! You’ll finish the day exhausted, but it will all have been worth it. Have you got any extra tricks or secrets to share with us?

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