Obesity is becoming a real problem amongst Americans today. With over 300,000 dying from obesity each year. It’s a scary prospect for any mom. We all do our best to encourage healthy habits. But these days we live in a world of convenience. We seem to be moving away from a more natural lifestyle and focusing on snacking, convenience and processed foods. Amongst other things like lack of exercise. Kids these days will be seen with their heads in games consoles and cellphones. Not playing outside and getting dirty knees and climbing trees. Obesity, of course, isn’t always caused by our eating habits and weight gain. Sometimes the weight increase happens because of other health issues. I understand that. But I do think that even those health issues all come down to a lifestyle choice that we make for ourselves and our kids. 

It starts from a young age. We must encourage healthy eating habits and exercise to promote a healthier lifestyle all round. If we can’t do that for ourselves then surely we can at least do that for our children.

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How can we help our kids live a healthier lifestyle?

Clean eating

It is never recommended to place our children on a diet unless a medical professional has advised us to for one reason or another. But clean eating is something the whole family can do because it’s about the food you eat. It means you focus on eating fresh produce from the source rather than anything that has been processed or had things added to it to prolong shelf life. This is you taking away all the E numbers in food and just eating good fresh food. It doesn’t mean that treats can’t be had from time to time, and it doesn’t mean restricting them from anything. It just focuses on eating healthy food. 

Moving more

Encouraging our children to have a more active lifestyle is another way to help create a healthier future. Too often children will sit and snack while playing computer games rather than enjoying the good fresh air and taking exercise. It doesn’t mean your child needs to sign up for aerobic classes or the gym. It just means riding a bike, playing on a scooter, climbing trees and playing chase. 

How can we tackle the obesity issue as an adult?

Of course, it’s easier said than done when it comes to children. We can try and incorporate things into their lives and mould their lifestyles to give them the best possible start. But if you are struggling with obesity problems now what do you do? Conventional weight loss methods are just not going to cut it. Of course, it’s still recommended to consider changing your whole lifestyle. So eating better and exercising more. 

It’s a problem that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. But I hope that if we can encourage our children to incorporate a healthier lifestyle from the beginning. Then the next generation stands a better chance of making changes. 

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