As a parent it is so difficult to encourage good dental health. What is it that children find so hard about dental care? That some children can go out of their way to avoid brushing their teeth or taking care of them. However, as parents it is down to us to ensure that our children take care of their teeth and also encourage good care in the future. With that in mind, here are some of the things that can help you encourage better dental care and other things you may need to think about in the future.   

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Let them choose their brush

One of the first things you can do is let them choose their brush. This can be a great step in their own confidence levels as they get to make a decision for themselves. It may sound strange, but psychologically they have made the commitment to brushing their teeth, simply by choosing their brush. Plus they may be inclined if it is their favourite colour or has their favourite character all over it. It can often be the small things like this, that make the biggest difference. 

Lead by example 

One of the best ways to encourage good dental health from an early age with your child is to lead by example. If your child sees you doing something they naturally want to have a go themselves and this works in many aspects of your life. So if they see you cleaning your teeth regularly they are more likely to copy what you are doing. Try and avoid making it a chore and encourage the actions positively. It can make all of the difference. Another thing to help them feel less afraid of dental visits is to show them how simple and pain free they are, even if it means putting on a brave face for wisdom teeth removal or fillings. It might be that your child needs to face these things themselves in the future. 

Have regular appointments

I don’t think anyone is a huge fan of the dentist. Even as adults we can worry about what they might say, so children naturally develop this fear of going. However, regular appointments can really help ensure that further treatment isn’t needed. Checks can identify problems sooner, and advice can help you solve the issue before it arises into something more critical. The best advice would be to see your dentist every six months. But the moment there is any complaint of pain or suffering from the teeth area get an appointment sooner rather than later. The more you see your dentist, the more the fear will diminish. 

Consider treatments for when they are older 

Finally, teeth are one of those things that cosmetically you want to get right first time. But, at the same time, you may not be able to avoid things such as teeth not being straight or coming down through the gum in the right way. It may be that you have to consider future treatments, and braces tend to be on the cards for older children. 

Let’s hope that these tips help you to encourage good dental health with your children. 

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