Many mums like the idea of working for themselves, but most love the flexibility it can offer instead of working to an employers deadline and hours. It isn’t easy to head out to work full time, and I think many of us do it out of necessity instead of passion for the job or career that we have. Wouldn’t it be nice to earn money while still being able to fulfill the role of mum? Doing every school run and pick up and being around for those unforeseen sick days? Not to mention being on hand for homework and being on top of things? This is why so many mums are considering at home money making ideas, and I wanted to share with you what some of them are. 

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Creating something and selling online

Maybe you have an idea for creating a product. Perhaps you have skills in digital services such as creating websites or managing social media accounts. Or maybe you can create something like personalised items, keepsakes or fun products that people like to buy. Thankfully, thanks to websites like Etsy or eBay, you can do this from your own home and market your items and services online. You could even take the plunge once your business becomes successfully and consider exporting your products internationally. There are guides online to help you with all the necessary information to take your business to the next level. This could be something that works round family like, and as a start up business turns into a developed small business opportunity, who knows what the future holds?

Starting a blog

A blog is a new thing and has recently become a viable career for many. So there is no harm in considering this as an option for yourself. The main thing to remember is to start a blog on what you want to write about. It is always worth reading blogs and feeling inspired but remember to be unique with the content you create and stay true to yourself. There are plenty of guides online if you want to know the ins and outs of getting started. 

Starting a vlog

A vlog is a step away from blogging but with a similar approach. For those that are unsure, a vlog is a video blog. So instead of creating articles and sharing things through your words, you share them in a video format. People can share how they spend their days, tips and tutorials and all sorts. If you have the creativity, then YouTube could be the place for you.

Focusing on online side hustles

Finally, there are plenty of side hustles online that can help you create a steady income. From completing mystery shops to filling out online surveys, there is much to sink your teeth into. I have covered many different options that could work around the time you have to dedicate to your online money making venture.

I hope that this has inspired you to consider an at home money making opportunity that could work around family life. 

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