Right now we are in unprecedented times with the current global pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 and for a lot of us this means staying at home to stay safe and well. But what it also means is that we are uncharted territory of homeschool, and many of us are finding the whole situation completely overwhelming. While so many of us are grateful to be able to stay at home, homeschooling children has given us, me especially, a whole new level of appreciation for our teachers. However, we can’t change the current situation so instead of feeling like we are failing, which I can assure you that you won’t be, I wanted to share my tips on how you can survive homeschool during lockdown.

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Have a plan

One of the first tips I wanted to suggest would be to have a plan when it comes to your homeschooling. You may be sent worksheets and subjects from school, or you may be having to wing it, but having a plan can help you to stay on track. However, avoid it being too structured and school like. After all, this is the home environment and not meant to be a complete replication of school.

Implement other methods of learning

It isn’t all about writing and worksheets. The beauty fo learning from home is that you can implement other methods. Building Minecraft worlds around specific themes and learning as you go. Using Lego to help with maths and fractions. Teaching children to cook and learn valuable life skills. You have greater flexibility when it comes to schooling from home so use this to your advantage.

Have breaks

It is monotonous as it is right now with out the pressure of homeschool, so make sure you implement breaks as well. Stop for lunch, enjoy five minutes with a drink and a biscuit, get outside for some fresh air. You can break the day up as you see fit and the regular breaks can help a child to stay focused and concentrate.

Get the essentials but don’t go overboard

Of course, homeschool means that you need a certain amount of things to make it easier for you and your child. Pencils, pens, paints etc. But you don’t need everything. A few essentials will be enough to help you get started. Also use other things in your home that can help you to get learning more interesting. Lego is a great way to encourage different levels of learning. Playing games could also help you to stay on track and keep your little ones engaged in the learning process.

I hope that these tips help you to survive homeschool during lockdown.

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